Craig Sawyer

How US companies can benefit from working with Blue Juice

Here at Blue Juice, we often partner with other organisations to collaborate and create work that gets results for clients. But it might come as a surprise to you that some of those organisations are across the pond.

Over the last couple of years, we have been teaming up with US based businesses on joint projects, either directly with clients or other video production agencies. We’ve found that while many American corporations have marketing or creative departments, along with video production agencies, based in the States, their clients or customers can be global. That means they may want to create content like case studies or video messages in a different tone of voice that’s more relevant to the region they’re speaking to. Working with us means they get to maintain control over the style and content, but avoid the costs of sending a US team across the Atlantic or even further.

The rise of technology such as FaceTime, Skype and our industry leading online collaboration tools means we can communicate easily about briefs, scripts and general information we need to know to ensure a successful shoot.

There are a number of benefits to US companies of working with us in this way:

    • It avoids costly travel and shoots over here in the UK
    • It saves time (sometimes days and weeks) on finding locations and setting up shoots or interviews
    • Blue Juice is a trusted and experienced video production company, so US companies can be sure of a quality product
    • Corporate video is our thing – so we know all about branded content and professional or commercial filming
    • We know the formats required to film for delivering US video
    • We work with US companies regularly and understand their way of working, culture and expectations

Craig, the boss at Blue Juice told us this about working for US companies: “The world is getting so much smaller now thanks to technology, so working with US firms is something we find very easy. It’s no different to working with a company based in another part of the UK or Europe. We’ve found that our US partners really benefit from using a UK based business for shoots to save them a lot of time and money. Plus when you’re working on something creative it’s always good to pool resources or get a different perspective. Here in the UK (and at Blue Juice) we have world-class talent and video production experts, which I know our American partners really value. It can also work both ways, too. We will lean on the services of US partners if we need to film over there. So it’s a win-win for everyone.”


“We have clients all over the world. It’s hard enough to find good people in the US, but finding them abroad is even a tougher challenge. An outsourced production team has to not only deliver stellar looking video, but they need to be professional. They are representing our brand when they are on location with the client. Lucky for us, we found Blue Juice to shoot all of our UK produced content. They are team players and just a lot of fun to work with. With Blue Juice, you get the whole package. If you have a production in the UK you need outsourced, definitely hire them. As we say in America, “They are AWESOME!” “ – Michael Cardwell, Digital Brew

At Blue Juice we can work directly with clients or other video production firms based in the US. If you’d like to arrange a chat about how we could work together to produce expert video content, send us an email (day or night). We are also in the US a number of times throughout the year, and will be attending NAB in Las Vegas – drop us a line if you fancy a face to face!