Craig Sawyer

So that’s another year wrapped up at NAB, one of the largest film and broadcast exhibitions in the world. We’ve been coming out to Las Vegas for the last four years, and events like this offer a fascinating insight into just how quickly our industry is evolving. Over the past few years we have made some big financial decisions off the back of our time spent at NAB – from cameras, lenses, lighting and audio equipment to investing heavily in our internal infrastructure; purchasing a dedicated media server, near-line storage and an LTO tape archiving system.

2019 and Media Management
We now look after hundreds of terabytes of video content, and this year we were keen to look at tools and services that would increase the features, maximise workflows and bring added value to our clients when managing their data. As the amount of content we shoot grows exponentially and data connectivity speeds improve globally, one of the main objectives was to review our media asset management platform (MAM) and see how new hybrid cloud services could work for us. We spent 4 days walking the huge halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre, racking up over 100,000 steps meeting with vendors, discussing solutions, engaging with hands-on demos and speaking directly with agencies already using some of the platforms we were considering.

Tweaking Workflows
We are really proud of our systems and workflows, but we are constantly looking at ways to tweak and enhance the way we work and collaborate with clients. We saw some really exciting products that will further increase our teams ability to ingest, process, search and edit video quickly and efficiently on set and in the studio. This included an incredible AI solution that will speed up captions, localisation and metadata creation, something we do daily.

Working in Collaboration
Content is valuable and its usability doesn’t need to end once a project is wrapped up and delivered. We can maximise client investment from any video campaign and generate more content for future projects quickly, easily and cost effectively by repurposing video assets. But the tricky thing is as time passes its easy for clients to forget or lose track of just what content was filmed. Well not anymore! We are trialling a new platform that will enable us to open up our media asset libraries to our clients externally, so they can have secure access to their video assets including all original media and final exports. As a client, just imagine being able to perform keyword searches to find content, look back through previous projects and re-discover clips that may have not made a previous cut but can be put to good use on a future project! All without the worry of having to purchase, manage and maintain expensive media storage in your own offices.

In Summary..
To many of our clients we not only produce their content, but we act as consultants, as an extension to their internal creative teams or as a dedicated in-house production department. Coming to events like NAB, networking and listening to presentations and case studies from agencies of all sizes from around the world means we means we come back fresh with ideas we can share with our clients, and workflows and techniques that benefit everything we do. We can’t wait to roll out the new services and share some case studies!