Craig Sawyer

For the last couple of years we have been desperately clinging onto any rumour that Apple were about to launch an SDK (software development kit) and AppStore specifically for the Apple TV. But as each Apple event goes by, we had started to lose all hope that our wishes would ever come true. But here we are again, and our twitter feeds are lighting up with respectable sources pointing towards 2015 being the year that Apple finally upgrades its ‘hobby’.

So why is the Apple TV, and the SDK so important to Blue Juice? Well, with an SDK and an AppStore specifically for the device, developers such as ourselves could create custom online TV channels for our clients content.    We are already doing this with video on demand mobile apps for clients including Vintage TV (Freeview / Sky / Virgin / Freesat) that run alongside their traditional broadcast, but the potential to have a virtual channel running on a set top box within the Apple ecosystem and connected to your nice large screens in the home has massive appeal to our clients.

You see, much of the press around Apple TV surrounds the potential big deals with major networks, but for us the opportunity is about creating a solution for content creators and their niche audiences; reaching set top boxes without the need to start a broadcast TV channel.  And its not just entertainment, imagine a Corporate video-on-demand channel to communicate with your employees and / or customers, a travel channel, sports or indeed as a low-cost in-store digital signage solution.

Current rumours point towards an Apple TV announcement at this years WWDC Developer Conference in June.   As usual we will be glued to our live streams, waiting for that ‘one more thing’ and hoping our wishes finally do come true!