Craig Sawyer

Apple TV app developers rejoice!

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, announced the launch of the company’s updated Apple TV in early September along with a host of other product revamps. And although news of its television transformation was somewhat overshadowed by the arrival of all-singing all-dancing iPads and iPhones, the new TV set top box could mark a significant turning point in the way we consume and publish content via TV.

In one of his grand presentations to staff and the world’s media, Cook demonstrated the features of the new TV system, which include a glass-touch surface remote control and a Siri button that lets viewers search using voice commands. The most significant change however is that the tech giant will now allow developers and brands to create apps that can be installed on Apple TV – something that was impossible to all but a few select brands until now. Talking about the new product, the CEO said: “It really is the golden age of television – but the experience hasn’t changed much in decades. Today, we are going to do something about that. Our version for TV is simple and a little provocative – we believe the future is apps.”

It’s big news for Blue Juice and our customers. As Apple TV app developers we can now create apps and tailor content for businesses and their products that can be viewed by users on the big screen through the Apple set top box. People will be able to download the apps from a dedicated store, without moving from the sofa. Quite simply it opens up another avenue for reaching an audience with branded, personalised information.

It’s not such big news for the industry though, if we’re honest. Although it is providing a new platform for us to present content to the world, this actually isn’t technologically groundbreaking. In fact, gadget geeks the world over along with the press have commented that Apple is simply snapping at the heels of others like Amazon, which already allows you to produce your own app and upload it onto their platform (you can read more about one of the apps we recently developed for Android TV and Amazon Fire TV here).

Even if Apple is playing catch-up, the news is a good indication that TV is far from dying out and is simply evolving. Despite the rise of mobile content and tablets for promoting brands, it’s clear good old fashioned, full screen TV still has a role to play in marketing – the user experience is just getting better.

The almighty Apple may be late to the TV app party but their arrival somehow gives the function more gravitas and bodes well for the future. Even if you’re a die-hard ‘Amazonian’ or Google fan, this is the nod that the content industry has been waiting for.

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