Craig Sawyer

Not so long ago, talk of advertising on TV had CEOs, marketing execs and finance directors weeping onto their keyboards. The cost of hiring an ad agency, producing the content and then paying for the time slot during a commercial break seemed something only the Nikes or Proctor and Gambles of the world could afford.

To a certain extent, it’s still true. TV advertising remains one of the more costly forms of marketing, especially if you want to promote your brand during Coronation Street. But new technology and the ability to target specific regions, towns or people are making it easier for smaller organisations to reach their audiences through the telly. TV channel Sky offers Sky AdSmart, which allows businesses to target advertising at a specific demographic in a particular area via their set-top boxes.

Traditionally, everyone who watched TV, whether it was through terrestrial channels or via a digital service like Sky or Virgin Media, saw the same adverts during a break. Now, Sky AdSmart means different people can be shown different ads that are much more targeted and potentially relevant to them. Advertisers and brands get to choose what type of household they want to target and where.

Sky uses its own data on customers to help businesses target the audience they want. There are thousands of combinations to choose from when selecting the group of people that sees an ad. Households can be selected based on factors such as age, location, sporting interests – even those who own a dog can be whittled down. And as Craig, the boss at Blue Juice, pointed out, this new service has the double benefit of being cost-effective and more targeted: “The accuracy of Sky AdSmart is remarkable. It’s not at Facebook levels yet, where you can literally select everyone in one town who got engaged in the last month. But you can definitely narrow down a list to have a very specific and effective campaign for your business. The cost saving comes from the fact that you are actually showing an ad to fewer people. But you can be much more certain you are reaching potential buyers rather than taking a shot in the dark like traditional TV advertising.”


Still a bit uncertain about trying it out? You’d be in good company if you did incorporate it into your strategy, as even brands like Piriteze are using it for clever campaigns. The hay fever remedy company has promoted its medication by targeting locations in the UK where pollen levels are high, using geographical data to select exactly where and when ads should be shown. It’s also important to note that of all those that signed up to Sky AdSmart during its first 18 months, 69% were small companies.

We know what you’re thinking. Buying the TV ad space might be cheaper, but what about the cost of creating and filming a commercial? The good new is it’s much less than you think. And now, with the rise of content marketing, businesses are turning to agencies like Blue Juice to help them put together creative, expertly filmed video that can be used for advertising.

We work with many clients to create ads tailored for campaigns using AdSmart, and we can help you too. Our work includes creating concepts for your ad, storyboarding, script writing and project managing production – all without the hefty ad agency fees. We even handle the approval process; something that is required by the Advertising Standards Authority. The end result is quality video footage that delivers your message to a carefully chosen audience, making a return on your marketing spend more certain.

Would you like to use Sky AdSmart to target your audience? Give Blue Juice a call to find out how we can help on 01403 733332.

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