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If you work as a company CEO, an HR manager or in marketing, you’ll know that using video for internal communications is pretty popular. It’s been the chosen medium for businesses to pass on information to their employees for years. And in a 2015 study by research company Melcrum, results showed 93% of internal comms teams believe video is crucial for getting their message across. In addition, a third of people interviewed said they were going to allocate more budget to it as soon as possible.

Video is a common way of passing on vital information to staff. It’s used in training videos, for recruitment initiatives, during induction programmes, and of course for presenting sales stats at the annual company conference. But video can also have a far more lasting effect on your team. With the right footage, script and tone of voice it can be the most motivating and inspiring material in your comms catalogue. And using some examples from a recent internal video we created for Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays, we’ll show you how to get it right – and maybe even a standing ovation.

You and We, not Us and Them
When you’re creating a video about your organisation, it can be easy to fall into the trap of just talking about yourself – what you do and how you do it. Although this is important information, remember your audience needs to feel included, as though they make a valued contribution to your success. Rather than talking about your company in the third person (It, they, etc) write or speak in the first person – using phrases like ‘We believe in being ourselves and working together’. You’ll find it’s a much better way of creating a community-focused culture.
Use actual team members

In the internal video we recently created for Virgin Atlantic, we took on the mammoth task of filming at multiple sites in numerous departments of the business, including a trip over the pond to New York. We were outside on the tarmac, at the company’s HQ, the hanger, inside where Upper Class passengers can get their hair cut before a flight and even on-board. And we did it all with actual Virgin staff members rather than actors. This made our video more authentic and more moving for the people working in the company. After all, it doesn’t get much more motivating than the honour of appearing in a video about how wonderful your employer is. For the audience, it also builds trust.

Script approval

What you say can be as important as what you show in your footage. If you want to motivate and inspire, we suggest either having a voiceover or screen text that explains what your company is all about and why it matters to people. What difference does it make in the world and how does your team contribute to that?

Don’t just focus on customer teams

One of the nice things about our video for Virgin is that the company makes a point of showing appreciation for each and every one of its team members, not just the front line staff such as cabin crew and sales staff. In your own organisation, do what you can to make sure everyone, from the receptionists to the legal team, feel a part of your business.

Time it right

Obviously, the length of your video will depend on where it is being shown, who will watch it and also how much you have to say. For Virgin’s video, we found three and a half minutes was perfect. The video is being shown at events with the company CEO around the world and is long enough to get the key messages across while short enough to not be boring.

Go for quality footage
Your internal audience matters just as much to the success of your business as your potential customers. So it’s important to make sure your video is slick and stylish and reflects your company in its best light. For the Virgin video, we filmed the content in 4K High Definition, recorded the voiceover in a London studio and created hours of footage as well a detailed storyboard. The end result was a professional video that wasn’t just high quality – it made an impact, inspired people and still gets positive reactions and results.

Include your company ethos and mission
When it comes to inspiring a workforce, nothing is more effective that telling them ‘WHY’ your company does what it does. What is the outcome of your work? What difference does it make to people and customers? Include the ‘big picture’ goal for your business and you’ll find your team is more likely to be enthusiastic about helping you get there.

Click here to see a snippet of footage from our Virgin internal communications video.

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