Craig Sawyer

Imagine being able to give customers the opportunity to get closer to the products or services you offer and have a more immersive experience, without them even leaving the house. This uber-engagement technology has become a reality for brands and marketing teams.

If you thought the arrival of the internet and mobile devices, or the use of video footage was a revolution for promoting your business, wait until you try 360 Video.

You might not have heard much about it at the moment, but the clue is in the name. It’s literally designed to give the person watching a 360 degree video view of whatever is going on. It could be a concert, sporting event, holiday destination, fashion show, conference or tour of your office. By simply moving your head around while wearing a 360 headset, or by moving your mobile device around the space surrounding you, you can experience the video as if you were there. Look behind you, to the side – watch the same video again and again and see something different!

If you needed convincing that 360 Video will take off, you should probably know that Google, You Tube and Facebook have all embraced the new video format with the option to post or view 360 videos on their platforms.

For Virgin Holidays, Blue Juice has created an app that uses 360 Video footage, enabling the travel company’s customers to try before they buy. The technology is being used to allow viewers to transport themselves to a virtual reality and take a look around potential holiday destinations and experiences they can then go on to book if they like what they see. At the moment Virgin has used our 360 video creation services to promote its holidays in Riviera Maya and Disney World and new immersive experiences are being created as we speak.

The work Blue Juice has done for Virgin shows how 360 Video can be used to help brands bring their products and services to life. It’s expected to revolutionize the way consumers experience the goods they want to buy or get informed about a particular organisation.

(You will need to view this video on a mobile device or Chrome browser for the 360 experience!)

As the boss at Blue Juice, Craig Sawyer, explains: “You’re essentially putting a brand experience into the palm of your target customer’s hand. They get to control how much they see and from what angle but you can control the branding, options and events or experiences you show. 360 Video creation will drastically change the way businesses engage with an audience, particularly for those that offer less tangible services or host events. And it’s not just a luxury, but an incredibly practical and inspirational way to build a following or boost sales. We’re seeing a lot of interest here at Blue Juice, mainly because it’s not something most marketing departments can film themselves. It’s quite a complex process – one that requires technical know-how combined with plenty of creativity. We have plenty of exciting projects in the pipeline, and with our in-house app development team can also work with clients to develop unique mobile experiences”

The process of 360 Video creation is different to capturing standard footage. It requires specialist equipment and plenty of technical ability when it comes to the editing stage. However, when you consider the benefits to your brand, such as improved customer engagement, insight into what they are looking at most and the potential boost to sales, it’s well worth the investment.

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