Craig Sawyer

Skill, speed and style: How we created video that’s fit for The Invictus Games

We’re proud to say Blue Juice has been working on various video assets and edits for The Invictus Games. The sporting event aims to raise awareness and inspire recovery for injured service men and women. The first Invictus Games, which has famously been created by Prince Harry, was held in London in 2014 followed by a second tournament currently being held (at the time of writing this blog) in Orlando.


Blue Juice has been recruited to film footage for a few different elements of the games. Our biggest contribution has been to follow the journey of the flag on behalf of Virgin Atlantic, from it’s starting point at Buckingham Palace to New York, USA.

The project started with Prince Harry and took us on-board across the Atlantic for some mid-flight footage, as well as more filming on the tarmac when the plane landed at JFK airport. Finally, we made sure we captured the moment the flag was officially received in the US, aboard the USS Intrepid ship in NYC.


Filming for the flag’s journey tested our ability to work efficiently while constantly on the move. Although we’re experienced at working in different locations around the world, this job required speed, skill and plenty of flexibility. As the boss at Blue Juice, Craig Sawyer, points out, we had to get the job done in one take in many instances and with no room for errors. “This was a challenge for Blue Juice. It was a fast-paced shoot and we couldn’t hit pause if we needed to set something up or wait for actors. We had to be ready to go all the time. With no opportunity for retakes, everything had to be perfect first time round. We had the added pressure of representing such an important event. The Invictus Games is spreading such an inspiring message to people around the world and the athletes and ex-service men and women competing in the games are extraordinary. Our work had to be extraordinary too”.


In addition to filming the journey of the Invictus Games flag, we’ve also been creating 4K footage for the opening ceremony. Our work for Virgin Atlantic also includes a video on how the airline makes efforts to transport passengers with a disability safely to wherever they want to go. In this case, the story followed the team UK Invictus Games athletes as they made their way from the UK to Florida for the event.


Speaking about the footage we produced, the production company in charge of the overall event content told us: “I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen raw footage that had such distinct style to it and the flag was depicted being handled with such honour and grace. Amazing shooting and service, much appreciated.”


A third Invictus Games has been announced and will take place in Toronto in 2017. For more information go to

Our Invictus Games footage will be online here soon once the event has completed. In the meantime to get in touch about working with us, call 01403 733332.