Craig Sawyer

In an article published at the beginning of 2015 on, the startup and tech news blog, the number one trend to watch out for in internal communications was video. It was a pretty accurate prediction because now, many months later, Blue Juice is speaking to plenty of internal communications, marketing and HR pros who want to start or ramp up the use of video to engage employees.

Video for internal company use is nothing new. Many of you will have been in staff inductions or training courses that use videos to get across a particular message or provide new skills to employees. But internal videos are now also becoming an effective way of giving staff members vital information more regularly about their roles and the organisation they work for – no matter where they are.

The rise of digital media, intranets and social media for internal use is helping businesses keep connected to employees who may be in the same building, working from home or even abroad. And because it’s so easy to distribute video online, team members are getting access to important information in seconds at their desks or on mobile devices at the click of a button.

Craig, the boss at Blue Juice, had this to say on using video for internal comms: “The benefits of using video for internal comms are similar to using it for any marketing or corporate communications; employees are more engaged when you play them a video. It also allows businesses to provide a lot of information quickly and cost-effectively and can be branded in the company colours and tone of voice. It’s also simple to distribute around a business online, which is handy for companies with multiple offices and staff working remotely. Whereas a few years ago, an employee would have to be sat at their desk to view and get the benefit of a video on their PC, now we can adapt them and edit your footage for any screen size.”

The type of videos being used for internal comms is varied. Here at Blue Juice we’ve interviewed CEOs who want to give a particular message to their staff and we’ve also created animated footage that delivers information and advice in a fun and friendly way.

Here are just a few other ways businesses are using video internally:

Celebrating great work – including client wins, customer case studies or feedback
Informing and educating – empowering staff with industry knowledge or news that could affect them
Reinforcing values – keeping employees up-to-date with corporate values and a mission statement
Celebrating milestones – anniversaries and sales targets are morale-boosting messages that can be delivered via video

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