Craig Sawyer

Why video case studies work

Case studies have been used for marketing purposes for decades. But with the rise of online content like video, they’ve started to get interesting and engaging. These days, you don’t need to have page after page of tiresome testimonials. You can convey everything you did for a customer and what they think about your business in a quick, slick film. Here are just some of the reasons a video case study can turn viewers into consumers.

They’re easy on the eye
Written case studies are useful and have definitely proven fruitful for plenty of businesses. But they are often a page or two of copy, branded with company colours and logos – pretty uninspiring stuff. Video on the other hand brings a case study to life – with real people talking, footage that explains what the subject (your customer) does and music or on-screen text. It’s a whole new, more captivating way of getting the message out there.

Online is on the up
As you probably know, consumers are increasingly making their buying decisions online. Even if your business is not internet-based, you probably have a website where potential customers can look at products or services. In fact, there is a specific period of time between a customer choosing what they want to buy and actually making the purchase. It’s called the ‘zero moment of truth’ and it’s when users will hunt around a site for additional information to make them feel more certain you’re a decent brand to buy from. Cue the case studies… while you have a captive audience, why not direct them to an informative and entertaining video that shows how you helped another person or business?

They show rather than tell
Case studies are all about solving a problem or relieving a ‘pain point’. For example, a telecoms company may have helped a new business set up shop, enabling them to make calls – and therefore a profit – more quickly without any drama. By using video, you get to actually demonstrate how you have helped a person or business rather than simply telling the story through words and pictures. Viewers will get to see the benefits with their own eyes and if you use interviews with the people involved and footage of a successful outcome, you’re bound to impress potential customers.

You can have text, too
Although video case studies are effective, you don’t have to do away with a written version. Video testimonials can be easily transcribed into text versions to compliment what people see on screen. Or if they would rather just read the information, you can easily edit the written version to create an inspiring story.

Sales team-friendly
Videos are easy to share with others and help build trust in a brand, which means they are loved by sales teams. They can be used in presentations or sent as links in emails, which can be less hassle than attaching documents people need to download then open in order to read.

Easy editing
At Blue Juice, we often create one main case study video and additional, shorter versions that can be used for other purposes, such as social media. It means you can highlight particular parts of a customer testimonial and have a diverse range of videos to share on different platforms, depending on the audience you are targeting.

They feature brand advocates
It’s no secret that people buy from businesses that are recommended by others. Video case studies are particularly good endorsements because clients have taken time out of their schedules to give feedback, film interviews or recommend a company. That makes them powerful tools when spreading the word about your products and services.

They boost business

Video is an effective way of increasing the visibility of your website and brand online. By using entertaining or engaging content that people watch, you increase the amount of time spent on your site, which search engines seem to love. Above all, video case studies are an opportunity to tell a story about the benefits you bring to customers. And these days a good story is a sure-fire way to encourage sharing on social media, ‘Likes’ and, ultimately, sales.

Want to see an example of a Blue Juice-produced video case study? Right this way.