Craig Sawyer

It’s no secret that the use of video for getting information across to consumers or colleagues is on the rise. Much of the business press and every marketing magazine claim it is ‘the’ way to deliver a message to your audience. Tech giant Cisco has even reported video viewing will account for a substantial 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. And an article published in The Guardian in 2014 stated: “small businesses that fail to include video in their internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril”.

Having said all that, it isn’t our intention to frighten you into a filming frenzy, but there is one big misconception about corporate video production we thought we’d clear up. Something less widely known is that video can actually be great value – with footage from a single shoot being used, re-used, edited, cut and re-sized not only for different audiences but different platforms. Here at Blue Juice, we meet plenty of clients who have concerns that shooting a video will only produce one final edit – and then they won’t see us for dust. In truth, we are experts at getting the footage we need for multiple edits, if that’s part of a client’s strategy, and can also return to produce something new without more filming.

Craig, the boss here at Blue Juice, told us: “Many of the clients we speak to understand the importance of corporate video production. They’ve read the stats or seen their own data on how successful it is but feel the cost is too high for what can be just minutes of final footage. In reality, we can create multiple videos from a small amount of filming. As an example, we now create short 20 to 30 second cuts from longer videos that can be used on social media sites to promote the full-length version and encourage viewers to click to watch more. With the cameras, microphones and other kit our team brings along to shoots, I can understand why marketing pros and business owners might be daunted by the prospect of video. But there are now so many different options available for publishing the content and we can tailor footage for each one.”

Those options include the likes of Instagram, which allows a short 20-second video to be uploaded. We can not only re-edit but re-size the format so it’s fit for purpose. Clients can also have snippets especially made to promote particular messages, products or services across Twitter or Facebook for example, without Blue Juice having to re-shoot anything. With the ability to re-edit and make simple tweaks or changes to footage that already exists, video really is versatile and great value.

To discuss using some of your Blue Juice footage for social media snippets or to talk to us about creating new video content for your business, call us on 01403 733332. You can also click here to see some examples of our work.