Craig Sawyer
PICTURED ABOVE: Filming at NPE Mega Training, Wembley

Live Event Production

When we talk about conference video production at live events, you’d be forgiven for thinking our job at Blue Juice is to film what’s going on and stream it to nearby screens. In fact, live video production packages for business seminars, conferences, sporting competitions and corporate events include a wide range of different filming and editing options – and screening the action, whatever it may be, is just one of them.

Take a business conference for example, which is something you may host or organise in your own organisation. Our work often begins long before the cameras start rolling for the main event and can continue once you’ve all packed up and headed home. Here are some of the elements that go into creating video for corporate occasions, before, during and after the event.

Pre-event recording

Many corporate events or sporting competitions need pre-recorded footage they can show on the day or evening. This includes scripted talks or interviews that may have been given by people in the business, graphics including important stats, or 360 tours on site, for example. This is all part of live event video production, even if it’s not technically ‘live’. At the event, we’re then responsible for rolling the footage when it’s required and matching it up with the live feed.


Going live

Obviously ‘live’ footage is a key element of live video production. For large-scale events and conferences, it gives audiences a better view of the action and it also makes presentations, speeches and shows more impactful. At Blue Juice, we handle the screening of what’s happening live and also mix it up, when required, with the footage we filmed prior to ‘going live’.

We can turn things around pretty quickly, too. At the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada, we film kitesurfers and competitions as well as conducting interviews with those taking part and spectating. Then we edit the footage moments later and show it on large outdoor screens with captions and music, demonstrating just how fast we can turn our filming into a story or something people can watch.


Making post-event video available

Many organisations need to make footage from their events available to staff afterwards. This could be due to the fact that not everyone was able to fly to Vegas for the annual sales conference or attend a new product launch. Videos of the event give you the chance to inform employees or colleagues about what went on and in some cases provide a shorter, more digestible film of highlights. Even if everyone from the business attended, a video is a great way to refresh people’s memory or give them the chance to review things that were said or shown.

Live Production

At Blue Juice we can edit and produce videos of corporate events to a specific brief and for the audience you want to watch it. And it’s not just for large scale mega-conferences, either. We film staff briefings of about 20 to 30 people for an accountancy firm client, then the final videos are made available online for the rest of the business to watch in their own time. You can even choose to have a complete full-length version or a few smaller cuts with relevant information for different teams or departments.

If you’d like to talk to us about filming live events, conferences or other activities taking place at your business, give us a call on 01403 733332.