Craig Sawyer

It’s estimated that by the end of 2017 around 70% of all internet traffic will be viewing some form of video content, which shows how powerful the format can be for marketing. Video offers a versatile, captivating way to deliver your message, whether it’s branding, content or internal communications. And because it can be edited, re-purposed and reformatted in so many ways, it’s also great value for money. But if you’re only just starting to use video for your business, or you want to approach a video content company like Blue Juice, you might be wondering; where do I start? In this helpful guide, you’ll find out what questions we like to ask before starting our creative process so we can deliver and publish video for the best results and maximum impact.


Why create a video?
Before we start any work on your video production, storyboard or script we have to know your goals. What’s the purpose of the video? Do you want to sell more products? Bring people through the door? Get the phones ringing? Or maybe you want entertaining or thought leadership content that will give you an edge over competitors.


Who is it for?
Knowing or discovering your audience is essential for making sure the format, tone, style and content of your video is appropriate. It will help us recommend the type of footage that’s most appropriate, whether it’s live events, talking heads, animation or graphics-based. To see some of the different types of video we’ve produced in the past, click here. As part of your brief, let us know if this is internal, external or for a specific audience such as your Facebook followers.

What’s the message?
Your corporate video doesn’t always have to deliver a particular message. For example, if you want footage of your conference or to show a presentation to your employees in different locations, all that may be required is some straightforward editing. However, for marketing communications and content, it’s often helpful to decide on the story you want to tell or the narrative arch we want your viewers to experience. We have creatives, content strategists and writers who can help you with that if you need it.

What’s the style or tone of voice?
This will often be decided when we have a clear idea of your audience and the type of content you want to deliver. For example, when working with CheapFlights we had to provide tonnes of information in 60 seconds to an audience who enjoyed affordable, fun travel. The end result was this fast and informative video.


Where do you want it to be published or seen?
The beauty of video is that we can edit or re-purpose the footage so that it’s suitable for countless different platforms. That means you can have a full-length version on your website or internal site, and then a bunch of different cuts for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or mobile-friendly edits to email to your customers. The possibilities are endless, so we have to know who will be viewing your video and where to ensure it is fit for purpose and has the most impact.

What’s your budget?
Nobody loves talking about costs, but allocating a budget helps a video content agency understand what is achievable and set out a production plan. It may be more cost effective to use talking heads within your company rather than actors, for example. Or perhaps your budget allows for some super jazzy motion graphics that will add some flair to the footage.


What’s your deadline?
Ah, the age-old agency question… when do you want this finished by? This question helps us to plan and allow for the different stages of production. That can include organising location shoots, the writing of scripts and, of course, time in the editing suite. It’s also helpful to know when you are expecting to ‘go live’ with your video content, particularly if you are launching a time-critical or seasonal piece of content.

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