Craig Sawyer

The Brief
We were tasked by Learnlight to produce 80 videos and 230 audio only clips, set around a fictitious San Francisco tech agency, for their online learning platform.

The Production Process

Pre Production

We had to work to a tight and very specific project timeline and deadline, working to a fixed budget so meticulous planning was essential. The client was based in Madrid and Barcelona, and during the pre-production phase we were working on projects in the USA so our online workflows and collaboration tools were vital to ensure everything stayed on track.


After shortlists had been created we held a casting session in Covent Garden, London. The casting was filmed, and auditions sent to the client to review in Madrid within 2 hours. Learnlight were able to review and approve each role through our online platform, meaning multiple stakeholders within the business had full visibility of this vital stage without needing to travel to the UK.


Although being filmed in London, the films are based around a San Francisco tech company, so there were very specific requirements when searching for a suitable location. We needed to create a number of scene locations ranging from individual offices, open plan sales areas, breakout rooms and even a cafe. Due to the tight shooting timescales it was not going to be possible to move kit and crew around London, so we had to create these set ups in one location. We short listed a number of potential locations, visiting each and feeding back to the client with stills and videos to help the decision process.


One of the key challenges we faced with the location was that it came as a completely empty space. On day one of the shoot we had 20 exhibition stand panels, 16 desks, chairs, computers and office foley such as plants and lights delivered. Within 4 hours we had created 5 different set-ups and we were ready to shoot!

The Blue Juice crew consisted of a Director, Producer, two camera operators, two hair / makeup experts and an on-set editor. The on-set editor proved invaluable as we could ingest footage as we went along, and create rough cuts that the client could check and approve at the end of each day both on set and in their offices in Spain.

The shoot was scheduled over eight days with two additional days in the voiceover recording studio. We had a complex shoot schedule planned for each day to optimise the location set ups. At the end of each day, as well as reviewing rough cuts we adjusted the following days schedules to ensure the project remained on track.

We completed filming all scenes with enough time to break down the set and vacate the premises on time!

Post Production

As all scenes had been rough cut on set with initial client approval, post production was simply a case of tidying up each edit, colour grading and audio mastering. Final files were reviewed and approved by all stakeholders through our online collaboration platform, and the project was delivered two days ahead of deadline, on budget.

The video learning project for Learnlight was one of the largest single projects we had worked on, and one of the most rewarding. The success of the project was a testament to our planning, workflows and dedication and skills of all the crew involved. We can’t wait to start the next batch!

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